Why is Churchill Capital Corp IV stock rising – Should I invest?

Why is Churchill Capital Corp IV stock rising, and is it a good time to invest ?

Churchill capital Corp IV is a stock that was created for the aim of assets acquisition, stock purchase, effecting a merger, capital stock, exchange, similar business combination with one business or the other. It’s a business formed by veteran Michael klein.

But as of recent, Churchill capital Corp IV stock has merged with another company lucid motors which both has been renamed LUID GROUP. The shares of the cciv stock will be transferred to the lucid stock ticket..

The two company were combined as of July , 23 2021.

Why is Churchill Capital Corp IV stock rising

The stock of special purpose Acquisition company ( spac) Churchill capital corp iv had a wild in 2021. The happiest of the investor as regards  the plans to combine with luxury electric vehicle ( EV) share spike more than 450% as of this year.

Now that Churchill Capital corp IV is now lucid stock, what will happen to CCIV Stock? 

Since both has merged as one, they have been joined in the same way their shares have been joined.


Why did Churchill stock drop?

There have been series of rumors that CCIV was planning to merge with one of the hottest, greatest electric vehicle. Lucid motors having confirmed the great deal and combining the shares..

Is Churchill a buy or sell?

Analysis of now has it that Churchill capital corp IV ‘s marked low and that of it’s co merger lucid, is relatively high. Lucid which has a strong design  and good tech also has a lot of potential with EV space. Not minding this facts, shares are expensive in both terms but an investment must always pay off.

In conclusion

Churchill capital corps iv stock is expected to rise very soon within some months.

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