Who is Tesla’s Biggest Competitor

Wondering who is tesla’s biggest competitor ? Let’s get there.

Before we dive into tesla competitors, let’s talk about tesla as a company.

What is Tesla ?

Tesla is an automotive industry that is based in The United states. It’s a clean energy
company that designs and produces electric vehicles of very high quality. Its battery energy
storage is from Home to grid scale.

Tesla Has been in existence since July 1st 2003 and its revenue is 18.76 billion USD. It’s also
was found by Elon musk, and others.

Though tesla is in the United states, its headquarters are Austin, Texas, United State.

How much does a Tesla cost?

Tesla being a vehicle with high quality should cost very much. Tesla’s latest car line has its sale
price within the range of $43,990-$129,900.

Does Tesla has a cheap vehicle?

Tesla’s cheapest model can also be used as another company’s highest price of vehicle.
Tesla’s cheapest vehicle is model 3 and it sells for $46,990. The price is 34% more expensive as
at 3 years ago.
To acquire a new Tesla now , it’s average current price is $99,990.

Who is Tesla’s Biggest Competitor

Just like every company, Tesla has it’s own competitors amongst who are Honda, Ford,
Toyota motors, BMW, Nissan etc.

For some years, Tesla has been operating freely with little turn out of competitions in the EV
market but as of now, it’s gradually changing because competitors are much and coming with
full force.

Irrespective of this competitors, there are bugger competitors of Tesla and they are Ford,
Volkswagen and general motors. It has been recorded that the automotive industry is gradually
going towards electric vehicles and numbers of company that has been engaged in this continues
to grow rapidly. As a result, the number of EV sold worldwide has increased from 45,000 in
2011 to 3.24milion in 2020.

Tesla being a high automotive company can’t be left out in increasing the number of miles an
automobile can run. Tesla as the head of EV producer in the world has actually increased their
annual sales from $400 million to $31.5 billion in 2020.

Volkswagen made an announcement to make a structure of six battery factories in Europe
which will manufacture one million EVs by 2023 and 1.5 billion by 2025. The competition is
really high.

Seeing that Tesla is facing competition from established auto manufacturers as well and this is
likely to come.


not with standing, the largest EV producer in the world has a visionary that the
CEO Elon musk will pump into research and development strategies to deliver the Tesla’s and
build a more advanced vehicles.

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