When is Robinhood Stock Going Public

When is Robinhood stock going public? Can i buy Robinhood stock and how do i go about it ?

Before we dive into answering your question, it’s okay to know that Robinhood is a financial service company, that is based in Menlo park, California in America. They are known for pioneering commissions through trading stocks for free, exchanging crypto currency and traded funds through mobile app.

Can I buy Robinhood stock? 

Of course, with your Robinhood app, you can place orders for stock before their initial public offering. Robinhood offers pre-IPO orders for little selections of stocks, but  not every company is supported for pre-order.

How do I get IPO on Robinhood?

An IPO ( initial public offering) is a company’s first sale of stock to the public and you can hey IPO on Robinhood by:

Finding an IPO that interests you, click on the interested button,check the list to confirm your eligibility, read the company’s booklet to learn more, click on request button , enter your request details, review it and submit your request for shares. 

Should I Invest in Robinhood?

Robinhood is part of a fiercely competitive market, it’s competitors are struggling really hard to see that they outsmart each other. 

Though the Robinhood app has ran into some troubles, that’s an experience for growing companies.

Robinhood has tried it’s best too see that investors are offered the ability to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but as we know PayPal and Fidelity are it’s major competitors.

When is Robinhood stock going public?

 Robinhood is set to go public and also to debut public trading. It places it’s price shares ta $38 per share and on July 29, it was able to raise close to $ 2 billion.


Robinhood with time, wants to be the most trusted and relevant money app worldwide.  That is to say , everything you use your money for, Should be through Robinhood. 

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