When is Lucid Motors Going public?

Firstly, what is Lucid motors and when is lucid motors going public?

Lucid is an American electric vehicle company previously known as ATIECA Inc. based in California which was founded in 2007, by Peter Rawlinson.

Lucid mainly developed batteries when it first came to existence but began developing it’s first car in 2014 and also supplies powerful batteries to formula E racing series.

It’s electric vehicles are a new product in a prominent Industry that always come with risk as well as opportunities so as to say that investors should be aware that by investing in lucid, they are taking a chance in an unproven market.

To expound my views, electric vehicle have a battery instead of a gasoline tank and an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine.

As a matter of fact, their company has a very well received product market and industry professionals who have reviewed the lucid air and have rated it among the best electric sedans in the market.

When is Lucid Motors going public?

In no doubt, Lucid has been around since a long time. Although it only mage it known it’s electric vehicle in 2016 and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ  ( National Association on the Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) which is an American stock exchange based in New York City.


Beside , not only it’s transformation into a publicly held corporation through the SPAC process but also lucid will be ringing the opening bell on NASDAQ on July 26 to celebrate the company’s public listing since it’s IPO date on July 2021.

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