What is Going on with Noi Stock?

What is going on with Noi stock and is there a futuristic hope for investors here?

Nio is a multinational Chinese automobile industry that produces electric vehicles. Nio designs and develop smart, high-performance, electric vehicle which is aimed to be the first. It was founded November 2014, in Shanghai China with a revenue of over 16.26 billion CNY.

What is going on with nio today?

Nio, a Chinese electric vehicle maker has attracted a great deal of attention today, though the automaker is preparing to enter the US.  Nio has been hit hard again as the US listed Chinese companies are looking more at risk of getting delisted. 

Is Nio stock a buy today?

No, Nio stock is not a buy as of now.

Nio is making progress in the market, which might intrigue investors.  Nio launched it’s ES 8 sedan in Norway on 30th  September. The company is really growing and making it’s way towards Norway. The company is planning to debut another electric sedan in 2022 at Norway and after which it will proceed to enter another market in Europe.

Talking about China, Nio’s sales have been rapidly growing. In the first eleven months of the year, it’s deliveries raised 120.4% YOY to 80,940 EVS. 

Why is Nio stock down today?

The stock is down because certain news have been made that the Chinese electric vehicle producer is struggling with an accounting problem that has been alarmed concerning it’s listing on the New York stock exchange.

Will Nio stock ever recover? 

As of now, Nio is far from bargaining from. Nio is not expected to make profit till 2024. The price to earning per share is said to be still very high. Nio will recover but it will have to take them time, strength and hard work.

What future does Nio stock has?

The sales growth projected by Nio is about 75% high. It’s growth has been hindered by  inflation and the interest rate that are caused by the inflation.

In conclusion,

Nio is a good company as it also provides a community for it’s users to share joyful experience, grow together and enjoy beautiful moments. Indeed Nio is much more than a car company.

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