What is a Meme Stock?

what is a meme stock? A meme stock is a share of a company that have gone viral and worldwide, not because of the
company’s struggle but rather because there have been too much buzzle about it online and
various social media platforms.

Why are they called meme stock?

They are called meme stock not because the organization is doing great but because their have
been so much buzz about it on different online platforms.

Should I invest my money into meme stock?

Its quite true that meme stocks turned some investors into millionaire but your money is better
invested into something else.
Due to much popularity of a stock, the store loses value and their price reduces drastically
leading to investors having several losses.

If you really want to trade meme stock, invest the money you can afford to lose.
Of course all investing involves risk but invest into meme stocks with the amount you can
bear the loss.

How do meme stocks works?

Some investors must have noticed a company’s being unvalued and begin to place purchase
order. This way, that stock begin to get attention from other investor who joins and the share

price increases. By doing this , the stock have gone far and wide online and across social media,
the popularity now is for as a result of hard work but as a result of online buzz.
While this is on, the late investor (people who invests late) shows interest and joins the fellow

While they are joining, the early investor starts withdrawing and collecting their profit.
Late investors gets scared of losing their money if the price of that stock falls. When the stock
crashes, the buyers drastically reduce and there is loss of money. The stock can trade for few
weeks or months before buyers shows interest again.

Are there risks brought to traders by meme stock?

Meme stocks brings some certain risk to traders. Risk of losing their money, risk of refusing to
join other investing platform due to fear of crashing again.

Will meme stock continue to exist?

The stock market can’t be predicted. There is actually no guarantee that meme stock will
continue to exist.

In conclusion,

meme stock is a 50/50 chance. There is fear of losing money and means of
gaining money. Either way, if you want to trade meme stock, then invest with money you can
afford to lose.
Meme stock can be effective for traders to trade volatile.

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