What is a Crew Cab Transporter

Let’s take a look at what is a crew cab transporter, why it is important, the best types of crew cab transporter and how to actually get one of these.

What is a Crew Cab Transporter

A crew cab transporter is a cab that has been extended with a second row of seats on a vehicle, like a fire engine, to accommodate more crew members.

This car is available in crew cab, extended cab, and normal cab versions. The truck’s crew cab has space for five or six people and plenty of space.

They come in three cab lengths: a front-hinged 4-door crew cab, a 3- or 4-door extended cab, and a 2-door regular cab.

Importance of a Crew Cab Transporter

One of the major importance feature of a crew cab transporter is to the ability to transport more individuals, extra space, and comfort.

The provision of extra space for more individual is actually a great way of cutting the cost of transportation such as gas price, as you can tell, the cost of moving two vehicle will be quite higher than the cost of moving one.

Some of The Best Crew Cab Transporter

The requirement for businesses to transport employees on-site as well as consumers who need their vans to serve as a family vehicle on the weekends have led to an increase in the popularity of crew cab transporter.

While you may lose some of that actual carrying capacity if you choose a crew cab transporter, it makes for a much more adaptable vehicle because you can fit up to six people inside (including children thanks to Isofix points). For instance, you can still pick up the kids from school after finishing up on the job site. Here are the top ten products available.

Double Cab-in Ford Transit Custom Van
Launched in 2012

Despite being one of the more dated designs available, the Ford Transit Custom is still the best-selling van in the UK thanks to frequent updates and facelifts. In addition to a Trail version with tough design and a mechanical limited-slip differential for enhanced traction, the most recent model is now offered as a PHEV.

A wonderful option for small enterprises and owner operators who require the added practicality of a six-seater transporter that will also transport up to two Euro pallets is the Double Cab, which is particularly well-liked (in L2 spec). It’s simple to understand why this vehicle continues to be a popular choice when great cabin quality is combined with a car-like driving.

Transporter T6.1 Kombi from Volkswagen
Launched in 2020

In order to compete with the likes of the Vauxhall Vivaro and Mercedes Vito, the VW Transporter just had a facelift and is now known as the T6.1. The exterior improvements are minimal, with the most noticeable being a new front end. The interior has also been updated, and the vehicle now has the newest Volkswagen infotainment system.

The Kombi keeps its value better than many of its competitors, with camper van conversions snatching up the best used models. It is available with two different wheelbases and two different roof heights. It also exudes a powerful, refined image.

2015 saw the arrival of the Mercedes-Benz Vito Crew Van.

The Mercedes Vito Crew Van is a well-finished and attractive van that, thanks to its upscale appearance, should offer customers a positive impression of your company. However, it isn’t particularly inexpensive—this is a Mercedes-Benz, after all. Additionally, it has Mercedes PRO Connect, which provides you with real-time information about your vehicle, including the position of your van, via your mobile phone. It is also incredibly comfy and roomy.

It is a particularly flexible option if you’re buying new because of the wide range, which includes various heights, wheelbases, and engine options. Six adults and a Euro pallet may be transported in all versions of the Crew transporter.

Double Cab Vauxhall Vivaro
Launched in 2019

Following PSA’s acquisition of Vauxhall, the most recent Vivaro was relaunched, which means it no longer shares an architecture with the Renault Trafic. Instead, it is based on the longer, lower Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch body.

It’s still a great van, with features like the overload indicator and an average fuel economy of more than 40 mpg, but it’s not as affordable as some of the alternatives. But out of the three, Vauxhall is our pick because of its business-oriented van centers.

Nissan Trafic Crew Van 2014 Year of launch

The Trafic Crew is a six-seater that is roomy and comfortable and has architecture in common with the Fiat Talento and previous-generation Vauxhall Vivaro. Although it isn’t the newest van available, its stylish design and high level of features make it more than competitive. Also incredibly roomy is the crew transporter.

The newest model introduces a revamped front-end that gleams with distinctive LED lighting and copious amounts of chrome. If you want your Trafic to have a sportier appearance, there is now a new Black Edition model. It receives a grille in piano black, black alloy wheels, and accessories like parking sensors for the back.

Expert Crew Peugeot Van 2016

With a different front end, fewer trim options, and a smaller dealer network, the Peugeot Expert Crew Van is effectively the same van as the Vauxhall Vivaro.

The Expert is still one of the greatest mid-sizers on the market, though, and can accommodate up to six passengers thanks to a fixed rear bench seat, which provides good comfort and passenger space. Additionally, there is still enough for a floor-level load of up to 2.36 meters.

Combo Cargo Crew Van by Vauxhall
Launched in 2018

One of the longest vehicle names available must be a favorite of the individuals who create automobile badges. The Vauxhall Combo Life, which is marketed as a practical MPV and is based on the Combo Cargo Van, has a panel van version called the Combo Cargo Crew Van. Confused? There are others besides you…

All you need to know is that despite being one of the smallest double cabs available, it’s still a capable load carrier with space for a typical Euro pallet in the back thanks to its innovative design. Additionally, the ride is incredibly smooth and pleasant.

Double-cabin Ford Transit Connect
Launched in 2014

With a choice of a single or double passenger seat in the cab and a three-seat bench behind it, the Ford Transit Connect is one of the few small double cab transporter with a six-seat option.

The largest Double Cab, which comes in L1 or L2 van sizes and has a dealer in every town, has 1.6 cubic meters of load area and is simple to purchase and maintain. Unfortunately, the Sport or Active versions are not available in double cabs, leaving only the practical Leader or Trend models.

Caddy Kombi from Volkswagen
Launched in 2015

The five-seater Volkswagen Caddy is a popular choice for both leisure and business customers. The association of the Volkswagen badge with mountain bikers and surfers makes it a popular option for people who want a transporter for weekends.

With a load length of 1.6 meters and a maximum capacity of 637 kilograms, it is nevertheless a useful van for work chores. The previous Caddy model was introduced in 2021, yet there are still many on the used market and they are still very popular. Look for a Caddy Life if you can’t find a Kombi.

The Citroen Berlingo Crew Van – 2018

One of the most affordable double cabs currently on the market, Citroen’s Berlingo Crew Van derivation is a truly respectable package that is roomy, well-equipped, respectable to drive, and has a practical load bay. With a second row of seats that can be folded flat and a moveable bulkhead, it can accommodate up to five people.

Although the Crew Van is only available in the extended wheelbase XL model, it is fundamentally the same van as the Peugeot Partner and Vauxhall Combo Cargo. Along with the typical diesels, it has the option of a 1.2-liter Puretech petrol engine and can accommodate a regular Euro pallet in the back.

Now Let’s take a better look at the Volkswagen Transporter TDI3340 LWB 2022

The Volkswagen Transporter TDI340 LWB FOR 2022

A front-wheel drive, four-door crew van with a T6.1 MY22 classification, the 2022 Volkswagen Transporter TDI340 LWB was introduced to the Australian market on January 6, 2021. Prices for the Transporter, a German-made transporter, start at $57,490 before on-road expenses.

The 2.0L DIESEL TURBO 4 engine in the front-wheel drive, four-door, five-seat Transporter generates 111 kW of power at 3250 rpm and 340 Nm of torque at 1500 rpm with a seven-speed Auto Direct Shift transmission. According to VOLKSWAGEN, the Transporter TDI340 LWB emits 0g of CO2 while using 8.3L/100km of diesel in the combined city and highway cycle. Given that it has an 80L gasoline tank, a full tank should allow for a 964km journey.

The Transporter weighs a total of 1987kg (4380.6 lbs) when it is empty. Its dimensions are 1900mm (74.8 inches) in height, 5304mm (208.8 inches) in length, 1904mm (75.0 inches) in width, and 3400mm (133.9 inches) in wheelbase. 205/65 R16C front and rear tires are included as standard equipment on the Transporter TDI340 LWB. Every 12 months or 15,000 kilometers, whichever comes first, it needs to be serviced.

With a 2500kg braked and 750kg unbraked towing capability, the 2022 Volkswagen Transporter TDI340 LWB features a 202mm ground clearance.

The compliance plate is on the Pass Side Front Floor, and the VIN number can be found on the Center Eng Bay Scuttle. WV1ZZZ7HZ@*123456 is an illustration of a VIN number.


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