What does Tendies mean?

What does tendies means? why are they called chicken tendies ? and where did this term came from ?

With the recent buzzle going on from social media about investment, we got you Tendies, so what is it all about?

What is Tendies?

Tendies is a profit made financially from the stock market and through investment. It is usually used when a stock has made money for a trade.  Tendies were used as a medium way of referring to chicken tenders.

Why are chicken tenders called Tendies?

They are referred to as chicken Tendies due to a video that blew first on tiktok where a song was reacted to. The reactor let out a loud shout and it was chicken tendies.

Origin of Tendies.

Tendies originated on an internet board called 4chan . 4chan is an internet site that has frequent visits by males who tend to be identified as nerdy.

These men came up with a portrait of themselves with an acronym NEET, meaning not in education, employment or training. This male figure, which is a definition of failure is motivated by one perk, chicken tendies.

In conclusion,

Tendies went into investment under Reddit’s wallstreetBets community. It was caught up during the buzzle on meme stock craze that the market is experiencing.

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