What does paper hands means?

Have you heard of paper hands? Just like diamond hands, paper hands is a word used to
describe a person who sells off his stock quickly.

Paper hands is a situation where a trader is willing to sell off his investment because of the
changes in prices. An investor who has paper hands can’t hold on to an investment. They are
afraid of the consequences of the loss and quickly sells off the shares.

Who is a paper hands investor?

A paper hands investor is an investor who panics at slightest change in prices and tends to sell
off his stock. Such investor posses paper hands.

Is there any difference between a diamond hands and a paper hands?

Unlike paper hands, diamond hands are situations whereby an investor doesn’t care about the
change in prices. Such investor is not in a hurry to sell off his stock.
But a paper hands on the other hand is a situation where an investor expresses fear and
pressure and is forced to sell off his stock for fear of having loss.

Paper hands can also used in crypto organization to investors who sell of assets like Bitcoin
when the price changes especially when it’s low.

Should an investor have paper hands? Any investor who posses paper hands doesn’t seem fit
to be called an investor because such investor cannot take risk.

An increase or decrease in price shouldn’t be there the reason an investor should sell off his

Are there disadvantages of traders who posses paper hands?

Of course yes, there are disadvantages.

  • They are easily shaken off by the market.
  • Being in a haste to sell off their stock will hinder them from getting the main profit if they had
  • waited.
  • They tend to lose interest in other investing platform thus making them broke.
  • They usually sell at small profit.

Is paper hands a loss? Of course, paper hands is a great loss and shouldn’t be adapted.

In conclusion,

paper hands is not an advice to be used because the end profit is not
encouraging. It causes great loss and hinders profit

Traders are advised to adapt diamond hands and sell their stocks conveniently and not under

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