What does diamond hands means?

What does it means to have diamond hands? if you’re wondering what diamond hands means, then let’s dive in to explaining this in the most detailed way possible.

Ever heard of diamond hands? What you should know about it. This is a situation where by an
investor refuses to sell an investment.

It’s the unwillingness of a stock holder to sell his shares even though there is losses.
In as much as there are certain risk involved, an investor is able to hold on to an investment.
What does it mean to have a diamond hand?

For an investor to have a diamond hands, it means that he’s not scared of the outcome of
increase or decrease in price. He’s not in a hurry to sell out he’s shares. Such investor is not
pressured. If an investor posses this quality, then he has diamond hands.

Do you think it’s good to have diamond hands?

Investors Should have diamond hands because they get to sell their shares conveniently and
at their desired price.

Does diamond hands means crypto?

Crypto too is a diamond hands because whenever price increases or decreases, it doesn’t
really matter. Trading continues. This is actually diamond hands.
Why should an investor have diamond hands?
An investor Should have diamond hands because he is able to sell his stock out of self will not
because he’s scared.

Is diamond hands a loss?

It’s a capital NO. Diamond hands is not a loss because you still have your stock with you and
can sell it at your convenient and desired price.

In conclusion,

diamond hands should be adopted by investors because it enables them to sell
conveniently and not under pressure.

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