Top 7 Agriculture Companies in the Stock Market.

In this article, we’d be seeing and discussing the best agriculture companies in the stock market. and why agriculture is a good industry for stock investment

Below are some highlights of the business. Key Trends Driving Agricultural Stocks. 

  • Inflation Increases the Price of Agriculture Stocks.

Inflation has increased recently but now seems to be leveling down. However, the consumer price index (CPIfood )’s sector is still increasing.

The U.S. dollar is being weakened and commodities prices are being supported by government expenditure and quantitative easing by central banks. 

Your purchasing power is decreasing if you are hoarding cash. You can invest in businesses that can pass along their rising expenses to customers in order to hedge against this loss. People must eat, regardless of what the rest of the market is doing, when it comes to food.

  • Food Demand and World Population Growth.

The above two key reasons is what guides our list of best agriculture companies in the stock market.

The population of the world has increased by almost 300 percent in the past century. And there will be more people to feed. As a result, agricultural stock prices are rising.

Additionally, more people are rising into the middle class globally. They can purchase more expensive food items because they have greater disposable income. For instance, meat consumption has reached record levels in China.

Even more, grains are needed to raise pigs, cattle, and chickens. Agro businesses have improved their use of technology and efficiency in order to meet this growing demand and remain competitive. Here are some highlights to review:

Best 7 Agriculture Companies in the Stocks Market.

Agriculture can refer to a variety of things, including farming, tools, animals, fertilizers, and much more. Most of the basics are covered by these stocks.

Here are some some of the agriculture companies in the stock market.

  • Archer-Daniels-Midland (NYSE: ADM).
  • Bunge (NYSE: BG).
  • Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT).
  • Deere & Company (NYSE: DE).
  • Scotts Miracle-Gro (NYSE: SMG).
  • Gladstone Land (Nasdaq: LAND).
  • Calavo Growers (Nasdaq: CVGW).
  • Mosaic (NYSE: MOS).
  • Nutrien (NYSE: NTR)

1. Archer-Daniels-Midland (NYSE: ADM).

One of the biggest agricultural firms in the world is Archer-Daniels-Midland. Numerous products are sourced, transported, processed, and distributed through it. One of its biggest industries is corn processing. The business transforms corn into starches, sugars, and bioproducts.

Vertical integration exists at Archer-Daniels-Midland. It makes use of massive grain elevators, global transportation systems, and port operations. Agricultural products are being purchased, stored, cleaned, and transported. To maintain its competitiveness, it uses this size to manage costs.

2. Bunge (NYSE: BG).

Bunge is a smaller agriculture stock, but Archer-Daniels-Midland is comparable. It exports soybeans internationally and also deals in fertilizers, trading grains, and food processing.

Additionally vertically integrated is Bunge. Various financial and risk management services are provided by this diversified organization. With facilities on six continents, it also has a robust global network. It was able to compete with other well-known brands in the sector because of its diversification and massive output.

3. Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) & Deere Company (NYSE: DE). 

Both businesses produce and market heavy machinery. They serve different industries as well as are leaders in agriculture machinery. Construction machinery is one area where there is design overlap. Additionally, Caterpillar is a more well-known brand in that sector.

Multitasking devices that move bales, clean stalls, mix feed, and more are available in the agricultural sector. Loaders, excavators, and harvesting equipment come in a variety. The objective is to support farmers in increasing productivity.

Automation is a significant selling point for these businesses. Caterpillar and John Deere are still creating autonomous machines. Producers are saving time and gathering more data, which can aid in better farming decisions and increase crop yields.

4. Scotts Miracle-Gro (NYSE: SMG).

Scotts began as a high-end American seed firm in the 1800s. It has evolved into more of a lawn and garden enterprise throughout the course of its lengthy history. It now offers a huge selection of gardening and pest control items.

Hawthorne Gardening Company is owned by Scotts Miracle-Gro, which has also been diversifying into hydroponics. Small-scale amateurs to large-scale commercial growers are all catered to by this company. And because of this, it is one of the best agriculture companies in the stock market to look into.

5. Gladstone Land (Nasdaq: LAND).

A real estate investment trust is called Gladstone Land (REIT). A growing number of properties make up the portfolio of this farming enterprise. Although it has properties in 15 states, California and Florida are where you’ll find the majority of them.

Gladstone’s organizational design also has the advantage of requiring dividend payments. For REITs, this is typical. And a couple of the other stocks on this list related to agriculture pay dividends. Always take that into account before making an investment.

6. Calavo Growers (Nasdaq: CVGW).

One of the less well-known companies on this list is Calavo Growers. Although it carries a little bit more risk, the upside potential is also present. Avocados are distributed and packaged by the business. Additionally, the company has expanded as a result of the rise in demand for avocados.

Producing, marketing, and distributing nutritious, fresh foods is another line of business for Calavo Growers. Along with certain other prepared items, these include freshly cut fruit and vegetables. This business might expand as more consumers choose healthier foods.

7. Mosaic (NYSE: MOS) and Nutrien (NYSE: NTR).

We remove more nutrients from the soil as we grow crops that yield more. Farmers can rotate their crops to decrease the damage. That is insufficient even then. Companies like Nutrien and Mosaic can help with that.

These businesses produce various crop inputs in addition to mining potash. They rank among the biggest fertilizer manufacturers on the planet. Additionally, they are free to keep passing on increased expenses to their clients, as a result, they are among the best agriculture companies in the stock market.


The agricultural stocks listed above span a wide range of sectors. You may be able to combat inflation by investing in a portfolio of these businesses. Volatility exists in the near term. But over the long haul, the stocks of the corporations are rising.

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