The Rebel Chick Lifestyle Miami Blogger

The Rebel Chick Lifestyle Miami Blogger is Jenn Quillen, also known as “The Rebel Chick.” According to Jenn, People asks why her blog is called The Rebel Chick? Jenn’s response is; she has been called the Rebel Chick because as long as she can remember, she has been told that she is rebellious. She marches to the beat of her own drummer…it’s usually a crappy imitation of Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee.

What Is a Rebellious Chicken? Rebellious Chicken is a girl who constantly pushes an envelope and presses it. She’s a girl who says “that’s not good enough” and does something about it. She is a girl who challenges culture and seeks new adventures. It’s a girl who says “I can do that and I’ll show you how!” It is a girl who rides to the beat of a drum. It’s a girl who says, “I want to be like her when I grow up.” She is the bravest girl to be. She’s a girl who lets her strange flag fly!

She is a travel, lifestyle and food blogger. Jenn loves animals a whole lot, punk rock, Impressionism and Stephen King. She loves baking.

Her blog is much like her home: full of good food, fluffy pets and overuse of the words “dude” and “awesome.” I grew up in home with plenty of pets (I even lived on a farm at one point!) and we love animals. Right now we’re at two dogs and three cats….yes, we spend a small fortune in lint rollers each year.

The Rebel Chick Blog

Jenn, AKA “The Rebel Chick,” is a single woman who strives to help her readers live their best lives possible. Whether it be through sharing new recipes, sharing her dating stories, or encouraging people to embrace adventure and travel, she aims to inspire people to live full, happy and authentic lives.

Jenn has 10 categories in her blog. They are listed below:

1. Food

If you are looking for the perfect blog to learn how to make amazing food, desserts, breakfast and lunch recipes ranging from Vieja recipe, chocolate mousse recipes, cake recipes, cookies recipes, pudding and pies recipes, beach bento lunch box for kids, perfect snack foods for outing and friends. Then the rebel chick got you.

2. Lifestyle & Wellness

This blog shows you amazing lifestyle tips from ways to spruce your homes, overcome crises, manage your health and wellbeing and lots more.

3. Travel

The Rebel Chick put up guides for people that would want to go an adventure, trip, vacation or travel. She gives out tips for the best places to tour, essential car rentals, road trip games, how to start a travel agency, safety travel tips, health and beauty tips for AVID travelers, things to do or not do when travelling. Her blog is the perfect tour guide for you.

4. Shopping And Technology

This blog guides you on the perfect stuffs to gift out for different occasions, eco friendly supplies and etc.

5. Animals

She is all about animals and so included this amongst her categories. If you are looking for ideas on how to take care of your pets, make them happy, ways to deal with them, becoming a vet doctor, things to do before adopting or breeding a dog, Rebel Chick blog is the right place for you.

6. Beauty

In this category, she talks about ways to rocking your best look, wellness and beauty products, self care, gives stylish ideas for summer outfits, losing weight, how to make a fashion statement by being minimalist, keeping a healthy skin, hair, facials and more.

7. Singles Chronicles

This category is all about the singles. She blogs about ways to rediscover yourself as you enjoy the single life, outfits to wear for different kinds of dates, ways to get over a difficult breakup, importance of taking care of your financial future and lots more.

8. Shop

This part of her blog category displays stuffs you can buy directly from Amazon using her code.

9. Parenting

This category is tips on how to give the best parenting to your kids.

10. Entertainment

The Rebel Chick is also all about entertainment! Everything you need to know about the entertainment world ranging from music to movies, opera, games, social media, games, cinemas and the rest.

She grew up at home with many pets (I even lived on a farm sometimes). Spent hours with my friends, laughing and playing, and time seemed to pass very slowly. I now live in the big city of Miami, and the night is full of fun and busy days. I have learned to make the best use of my time and not miss a single moment. My blog shows this change. I give you tips on how to enjoy every minute and how to do good every day. I want to show people how important it is to live your life to the fullest, no matter how old you are or where you live

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