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Jenna Greenspoon is the mom behind behind Savvy Sassy Moms. She is both Savvy and Sassy, like many moms in her community! Jenna aims to create crafted posts for moms of all types. She is the mother to an 8-year-old boy, Jonah, and a 6-year-old girl, Addison. As a teacher and qualified Early Childhood Educator, she has been working with moms and their kids for over 15 years.

She is a busy mom herself juggling many different balls, but loves to get it all done! From DIY activities, to crafts for the kids, recipes, parties and more, Jenna is always sharing fun and engaging content for families! Jenna has a passion for travelling with her family and frequently shares reviews of the places they go. You can always rely on her for honest reviews, engaging posts and most importantly, useful content that will make any parents life just a little bit easier! Her kids, like most, love toys and they show up every now and then to give their opinions on the latest toys and games!

She has a passion for writing, photography and inspiring others by sharing her journey all while travelling and having fun along the way!

The Savvy Sassy legacy

Jenna is looking forward to the next stage of her life as a working mom, because she has a solid background in early childhood education and a burning love for educating parents. In an effort to promote happy, healthy families everywhere and build a global (and online) network of wise, sassy moms, she uses her expertise as a mother and educator to share her knowledge, parenting experiences, and a plethora of valuable personal experiences.

Blog Category For The Sassy Moms

Her blog has lots of categories ranging from kids to fashion to DIY to lifestyle and family.

There are many fascinating, enjoyable, and great articles for kids in the kids category that will benefit your children. Jenna covered a wide range of subjects, including virtual learning, summer activities for kids, music for kids, keeping your kids safe online, and several kid-friendly DIY projects.

In her fashion section, Jenna included suggestions for the ideal Valentine’s Day clothes for couples, the greatest holiday presents for mothers and babies, skincare items and gadgets for you, fashion gifts for men, and reasons why you should upgrade your appearance and discover your personal style.

In her family section, Jenna covered a variety of topics, including how to start a home business, how to raise a child with good mental health, how to manage family crises, the ultimate guide to being the best stay-at-home mom, how to set up your child’s financial future, how to keep your family’s finances on track, and much more.
Jenna discussed the best places to raise a family, balance and variety, weight loss and detox, and how to make your home look cozier in her lifestyle category. Her blog has all you could ever want to know about lifestyle.


The savvy sassy mom blog is all about the perfect lifestyle and parenting guide given to mothers and kids. If you need a blog that you can get contents about parenting, family and kids, then this blog is perfect for you.

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