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Former mixologist, singer, and actor Rick on the Rocks found a second career as a single dad and lifestyle blogger. Rick on the Rocks, an online lifestyle blog is written from the perspective of a Florida father. The Florida Dad emphasizes leisure activities, eating out, and family time. A Florida father with a master’s degree in history is a husband and the father of two kids. He enjoys doing and motivating people to do novel things.

Over the past few years he has traveled the world with his 16 year old daughter. He is an outspoken lover of travel, entertainment, food and leisure. Featured on the Today show, Oprah, and the list goes on. He has a new blog, and he wants to carry you along with sharing his travel stories, recipes and impressions.

Categories of the Rick On The Rocks Blog

The Rick on the rocks lifestyle dad blogger created different categories on his blog, where you can check things out. The different categories are listed below:

1. Auto: Here he talks about automobiles, cars, trucks and the lots. Stuffs like estimated costs for auto body repairs, safety tips when driving a truck, things to do when you are locked out from your car.

2. Entertainment: The dad blogger blogs about everything entertainment in this category of his blog. He talks about music, movies and the rest.

3. Food: The Lifestyle blogger posts different food recipes, talks about different restaurants, talks about different and new methods of food recipes to try. If you are a food lover, you will absolutely love the rick on the rock food category.

4. Libations: This category centers all about the wineries, iced tea recipes, margarita, best cocktails and so many others.

5. Lifestyle: Everything about lifestyle, you can get from this category.

6. Music: Of course ranging from rock and roll to other forms of music and he also talks about different musical instruments.

7. Tech: He blogs about a lot of things related to the technology world. Like safety tips, importance of security alarms at homes. Converting pictures and more.

8. Travel: Here, Ricks talks about all his amazing adventures, travels and more. He gives a lot of tips for travelers to make the most amazing times out of their trips.


If you are looking for the perfect blog that is all about lifestyle, travel, food and entertainment. Then rick on the rock is the best place for you. You can check out his website for more information.

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