Is Medical/Dental Instruments a Good Career Path?

Is medical/dental instruments a good career path, how many Jobs are available in medical/dental instruments, what skills do you required and what are the pros and cons of these career path.

People choose a career in the health care field for many reasons. Some it’s there desire to help people and improve lives; some wants a stable job with great benefit and good pay.

As you go on to look for option on what will become your new career path working in medical/dental instruments might be just the right fit for you.

What are Medical/Dental instruments. 

These are tools used by medical and dental professionals to diagnose a problem, treat and prevent diseases. The purpose these instruments can be used for include: taxing x-rays, measuring blood pressure or performing surgery. Common examples of medical/dental instrument include:

  • X-ray machines 
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Stethoscopes
  • Otoscopes
  • Scalpels
  • Thermometers
  • Forceps etc.

To use these instruments effectively, you must have a clear understanding of human anatomy and physiology and must learn to operate the instrument properly and safely.

The Required Skills for Medical/Dental instruments Career Path.

If you have interest in a career in medical/dental instrument, there are certain skills to have in order to succeed.

Firstly is to have a strong knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and operate the instrument safely.

In medical or science related field, a bachelor’s degree is required but some positions requires a master’s degree or a higher one. A formal training is also needed to enable you know how to safely and effectively use the instrument.

Is medical/dental instrument a good career path? Having known what a medical/dental instrument is and to the skills needed, let’s know if it’s a good career path for you. Below are some pros and cons of medical/dental instruments.


  • Leads to a stable and well paying jobs: people in this field are well paid and are stable in there business field.
  • There is a wide range of opportunities to learn and offer challenges.
  • It is a very rewarding career


  • Can be demanding and stressful: it requires a lot of time and strength.
  • Requires a good amount of formal education and training.                  

     Medical/dental instruments can be a great choice for any one who have great interest in human anatomy and physiology and willing to do any necessary work to succeed.

Benefits of medical/dental instruments:

Having known the pros and cons in medical/dental instrument, let’s dive into some benefits.

Some of the benefits of medical/dental instruments include:

  • A stable and well paying jobs: Analysis from bureau of labor has it that the annual salary for medical/dental instrument is $75,000. This field is expected to grow by 4% from now to 2029.
  • The opportunity to help others and making a difference in the lives of others.
  • A challenging and rewarding career.

How many job are available in Medical/Dental instruments.

According to statistics, there are 330,200 jobs available in medical/dental instrument as of may 2020. There is 11% growth from now to 2029; which means there will be an estimated 36,332 Job added to the field in the next 7years.

Top 5 best paying job in medical/ dental instrument. Below is the list of top 5 best paying job in medical/dental instrument include:

  • Anesthesiologist =$392,000
  • Surgeon =  $386,000
  • Obstetrician/Gynecologist =$372,000
  • Orthopedic surgeon =$353,000
  • Cardiologist =$352,000

As you can see, this career is very lucrative and if you have interest in this field, you can be confident to find one.


Medical/Dental Instrument is a good career path for those with strong interest in human anatomy and physiology and are willing to put in hard work.

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