Is Lucid a Good Stock to Buy? 

Is lucid a good stock to buy, and why is lucid motors stock among the long-term stock winner

Investing in lucid is one of the best thing an investor should do . There are so much to love about Lucid ; adding to its lucid Air Dream Edition ; that will first car with talent, technology experience and resources to beat Tesla in the electronic vehicle game. 

But why is lucid among the long-term stock winners.

Lucid’s team from the two best consumer hardware companies on Earth ; the Tesla (NASDAC:APLE).Lucid is gotten from it’s elite EV technology and talent .

Is Lucid a Good Stock to Buy?

CEO Rauluizon doesn’t see lucid as a Tesla competitors. To him , he’s competitors are Mercedes, Audi and BMN ; which are established luxury brands that already has their own EV vechicles rolling of the production lines.

Lucid’s market for luxury vechicles are limited . It’s price is rising over 300% in less than year . Investors their money may be prone to buy high.

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