How Many Jobs Are Available in Capital Goods

A lot of people seeks to know how many jobs are available in Capital goods, considering the facts that it contributes capital goods and services used in production process to get output. Example of capital goods include: raw materials, machinery, plant and equipment.

Capital goods are greatly utilized by manufacturing to creating job opportunities for them. Companies and business establishment; the main benefit of capital goods is that they pave way for employment and hence promote their productivity.

Capital goods make it easy for humans to produce other items, hence giving rooms for more jobs. This jobs is one of the things that attract people to Urban area. With this reasons, you might want to know the number of jobs in the capital goods industry.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Capital Goods

Analysis shows that the job available is between 1 million and 2 million in the capital goods industry. This has it that the industry boasts lots of job opportunity and most of Available capital jobs are located in Urban areas. The job in capital goods industry are opened to skilled individuals, leaving 200,000 Jobs for laborer ( unskilled individuals).

If you apply as a skilled individual, you’re sure you are, you could benefit from the industry’s massive pool of job opportunity. If you’re a professional in certain areas like manufacturing, engineering, product designs, marketing and advertising and utility system installation, you will be specifically considered qualified for the industry position.

Despite the fact that youth are the demographic the capital goods industry favors most, it’s of no doubts that the industry still caters to job seekers across various age bracket.

Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods 

Beside knowing how many jobs are available in the capital goods industry, it is important to know the best paying jobs in this industry.

Below is a list of some of the best paying jobs in capital goods.

  • Manufacturing director gets $210,000.
  • Industrial designer gets $75,000.
  • Engineering manager gets $110,000.
  • Supply chain management gets $120,000.
  • Sales engineer gets $86,000.
  • Credit controller gets $200,000.
  • Customers service representative gets $87,000.
  • Marketing manager gets $98,000.
  • Project manager gets $89,000.


Without capital goods, the production of most consumer goods proves abortive considering the fact that in Urban areas industries and manufacturing companies are highly concentrated.

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