Google outage

Google issued an apology for a software upgrade problem that led to a significant global google outage on Monday. Technology platforms promptly reported the problem. Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Images, according to users, are also having issues. Both depend on the search engine at Google to function. At least 1,338 servers in more than 40 countries, including the United States, Australia, South Africa, Africa, Kenya, Israel, parts of South America, Europe, and Asia, including China and Japan, were affected by Google outages, according to network intelligence company ThousandEyes Inc.

Before a second blip occurred at about 12 o’clock, the initial disruption noted on ThousandEyes lasted roughly 34 minutes. It took about seven minutes to fix and only affected a small number of servers. Users encountered a 502 or 500 error when attempting to use the search engine.

On Monday, more than 40,000 users reported Google disruptions to the monitoring website The majority of users experienced troubles with the search engine, but there were also reports of problems with Google Maps and YouTube, which is owned by Google. Twitter users reported outages with a sense of alarm and bewilderment that the hugely popular search engine was down.

Users began reporting issues with Google Explorer, the most popular search engine in the globe, at 2.12am BST (9.12pm EST, 11.12AM AEST), according to the real-time web site Downdetector. There were 4,113 verified reports of Google outage as of 11.38AM.

Google’s Response

A corporate representative stated that the team “worked fast” to fix the issue and that operations were now back to normal. Google issued a statement apologizing for the inconvenience and acknowledging that a software upgrade issue late this afternoon Pacific Time temporarily disrupted the availability of Google Search and Maps. “We promptly fixed the problem, and now our services are operational again.”

Google is typically one of the most stable sites on the internet, with only a handful of relatively brief outages reported over the last several years. Due to how much regular internet users depend on the company’s services, however, when outages do happen, the damage can be considerable. Online traffic dropped by a startling 40% during a brief outage in 2013 that barely lasted two to three minutes and affected all of Google’s services, according to Slate.

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