GETTR Stock: Why Joe Rogan Is Joining GETTR.

With high-profile podcaster, Joe Rogan on board, the latest startup, Gettr (GETTR), began receiving all the attention. The question now is, Is GETTR stock worth considering?

With comparable appearance and functionalities, the social networking site is sometimes likened to Twitter (NYSE: TWTR). The software is set up in a follower-style format, with users posting ideas and gaining followers.

GETTR, on the other hand, promotes free speech while opposing censorship of content on the platform. The move comes as Twitter has been chastised for attempting to restrict certain information. The permanent suspension of former President Donald Trump, in particular, sparked outrage among investors and activists.

This has led to the uprise and introduction of new social media platforms, with all promising to protect free speech. Most notably, apps like Rumble (Nasdaq: CFVI) began attracting millions of users after receiving widespread media attention.

Let’s look at what GETTR Stock is, and a few things to expect from the platform.

GETTR: A Quick Overview.

GETTR, on its website, advertises itself as a new social media networking platform that promotes the freedom of speech and rejects political censorship. 

GETTR appears to be aimed at large tech corporations such as Twitter and Facebook, as seen by the article. The app is only a few months old. However, it is acquiring a following of people looking for a way out.

It is, nevertheless, gaining popularity among those seeking an alternative to big tech.

The app supports Livestreaming and has a maximum character limit of 777. Furthermore, users can transfer their Twitter material to make the transition smoother.

Jason Miller, a former White House press secretary, is in charge of the platform. Regardless of the relationship with Trump, it is unclear whether the former president will join the app.

The foundation Politicians and journalists are included in this category. According to sources, GETTR is on the rise. However, the app’s capabilities are limited due to technological issues.

GETTR has apparently attracted over 4 million users since its introduction last summer. However, it still has a long way to go in comparison to major social networking platforms such as Twitter.

Why is GETTR Stock Trending? 

As we said earlier, a lot of notable personalities have joined the platform since its inception. The most significant development in the GETTR community is the addition of prominent podcaster, Joe Rogan, to the free speech app. Rogan announced his new profile on Twitter, asking people to join him on GETTR platform.

GETTR claimed that over 700,000 new users had signed up for the app after Rogan’s post, bringing the total number of users to over 4 million. 

Furthermore, according to the CEO of GETTR, Jason Miller, GTTR’s momentum has constantly been on the rise. And, there’s a massive growth on the platform, as people have been joining in.

How Can I Buy GETTR Stock?

At this moment, GETTR is a private corporation, which means that its stock is not traded on any exchanges. Retail investors, unlike public firms, are now unable to purchase GETTR stock.

Despite the fact that there is anticipation that the corporation would float its shares for public investment, nothing is certain. Given the recent buzz around other “free speech” equities, it wouldn’t be surprising if GETTR shares were available for purchase shortly.

Investors will have to wait for the corporation to make that decision until then.

GETTR’s Promising Prospects.

Given that the IPO market had a record year last year, I anticipate GETTR will issue shares at some point. We could see GETTR stock rise in value.

In a few possible circumstances, GETTR shares could become publicly listed.

It can first go public through a SPAC. If a blank check company merges, it may be able to assist GETTR in raising funding to support its expansion.

The social media business, on the other hand, may hold a standard IPO. They could also gather funds in that circumstances, but this is usually the more expensive option. Nonetheless, several tech stocks are dropping off, suggesting that they may be waiting for more stable conditions.

Keep GETTR stock on your watchlists though, because if it does come to market, expect a lot of attention.

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