Everything To Know About Winter Monkes NFT

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about Winter Monkes NFTs

What Are Winter Monkes NFT?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are one-of-a-kind, immutable cryptographic tokens that live on a block chain. They are digital assets that simulate actual goods from the real world, such as artwork, music, in-game items, and videos.

The SMB project is the driving force behind the collection of 3333 top-caliber NFTs known as the “winter monkey” project. SMB, SMB dao, and the entire improvement group have an impact on the winter Monkes group.

To ensure that you receive the product for which you have paid, each one has undergone rigorous testing and verification using the best quality assurance practices available.

Winter Monkes Price

Winter Monkeys NFT is going for 0.25 solana each. It’s true what you read. This is the cheapest it has ever been. The best time to purchase this is right now because it is the best you can get.

Advantages of Winter Monkes NFT

These are some of the advantages of Winter Monkes NFTs

  1. DAO
  2. Token Airdrops
  3. Evolution
  4. Custom marketplace

All owners of Winter Monkes will be able to participate in Winter DAO, a close-knit and upbeat community, and we will have seasoned Minters providing Alpha for our owners.

Winter Monkes will be listed on numerous platforms, so you won’t need to check each one separately to keep track of your tokens. Each Winter Monke who is not featured on any marketplaces will receive a specific quantity of $ snow tokens at random each week.

What Are The Winter Monkes Future?

Winter Monkey group has been working so hard to create the best community because they have so much in offer for us

1. Adding Deflationary NFTs by Burning With Royalties

This implies that every collateral used for the burning of an NFT will be refunded to its owners without awaiting the price of their token to increase again. This will assist in maintaining price stability and averting more sharp price decreases.

2. Adding evolutions

You can transform your winter monke into a winter yeti by collecting $500 worth of snow tokens.

3. Adding marking or staking choices

By keeping your NFTs in a wallet that supports marking, you can use the marking technique to obtain rewards. it’s similar to earning money on your bank or trading account. This will encourage you to hang onto your tokens rather than immediately selling them on secondary markets.

Number of Winter Monkes and Grinch Protocol

Currently, there are approximately 3333 winter monkes, albeit this number is always fluctuating. The grinch protocol is a mechanism that will gradually reduce the overall supply of winter monkes. The winter monkes group will burn the tokens and clean the floor with 40% of your royalties each week, which will reduce the supply and make your winter monkes more scarce.

Winter Monkes Road Map

For where we can take Monkes Roadmap, we have a lot of ideas. However, we don’t want to commit to making promises we can’t keep. Just keep an eye on us and be prepared; we won’t overpromise and under deliver like previous projects.

-Winter Monkey Group


The Winter Monkeys group is well aware that such an endeavor involves two parties. Although it may take away some of the desired eliteness from players and may have unanticipated effects on the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds economy, the benefits it offers are numerous and hard to ignore.

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