Everything to Know About Niki Investments INC

Below is everything you need to know about the Niki Investments INC

The Niki Investments INC is an investment company that deals with domestic stocks in the USA. It has a registered address of 6029 Bristol Parkway, suite 200 culver city CA 90230 United States. Phone number; (310)473-6575.

Details Of The Niki Investments INC

With company number C3077539, The Niki Investments INC was incorporated on the 25 of Feb, 2008. The company has been active for over 14 years now.

Niki Investments INC has been registered under the agent; C T corporation system, located at 330N BRAND BLVD STE 700, GLENDALE, CA, 91203.

DARIUSH HOSSEINI is currently the CEO of Niki Investments, after he joined the company on 26-03-2021.

Recent Filings For Niki Investments INC

On 1 JULY 2010


ON 20 JULY 2022

A lawsuit was filed by the orange county labor law attorneys at ZAKAY Law Group, APLC and JLC Law firm, APC, against Niki Investments INC. It has been alleged that Niki Investments has failed to accurately pay employees’ wages for all their time worked. According to findings, the Niki Investments class action lawsuit, case is currently pending.

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Mailing Address: 6029 BRISTOL PARKWAY,SUITE 200 CULVER CITY CA 90230 UNITED STATES (310) 473-6575

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