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North Carolinian Mike Julianelle, is over thirty years old. He runs the Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog. A new transplant who is slowly adjusting to his new life as a father and whining about how his son’s existence and the other obligations that it comes with, are ruining his social life. However, despite how much he may complains about the new addition, he still loves his wife and son.

He states that the blog would act as an ongoing chronicle of his experiences, initially as a new father then soon after as an experienced dad with the world’s first and only PERFECT CHILD.

Mike Julianelle, a father blogger, adores his son. However,  on his blog, Dad and Buried. Julianelle freely admits that being a father may occasionally be a drag. Making the required changes to one’s objectives and lifestyle when caring for a small human being. He is no longer permitted to drink whenever he pleases, and many of his activities now focus more on children. Despite these modifications, Julianelle claims that he is remaining true to himself.

Blogger Mike Julianelle of Dad and Buried for dads enjoys a drink while caring for his son, “Detective Munch.” Yeah, he’s a dad, but he’s not going to let that ruin his life

Julianelle says, “I don’t understand the necessity to live in the child bubble.

Julianelle, who refers to himself as the anti-parent, uses Dad and Buried as an outlet for his anger toward critical parents, “parental experts,” and his own trying experiences as a parent. He defines himself as cynical and snarky and thinks it’s important for other parents to know that it’s normal to feel anxious because raising children is challenging. Julianelle acknowledges that his blog will undoubtedly upset some readers, but only those who are too dim to see his comedy.
Julianelle adds, “I don’t get too worked up when people call me a jerk. It’s okay as long as my wife and son are satisfied with the work I’m doing.
His “hidden secrets” area, where parents can disclose their secrets anonymously, is a well-liked element of the blog.

The forum is open, but being watched for any posts that might be hazardous. Julianelle wants it to be a safe space where parents may express themselves without fear of condemnation.
Most of all, Julianelle hopes that his blog will be funny to his readers. He claims that raising a family is not always fun and games. He must be truthful, but that does not exclude others from finding it humorous. I mainly want people to laugh, Julianelle explains.

Anti-Parent Parenting

This is what Mike Julianelle aka “dad and buried” has to say about his blog start up:

I had many questions before becoming a parent, including whether I would enjoy raising a child at all. Detested children, especially before I became a parent. I obviously loathed Other People’s Kids and thought that if I had a child of my own, I would get along with him. But until I met the man, I couldn’t truly say.
As it happens, I enjoy my child, whether it’s because of biology, nature, or something L. Ron Hubbard said. Of course I adore my child, but I also like him. that is a lot. But that didn’t alter how I felt about kids in general.

They were now being compared to the Platonic Ideal of All Offspring, which is my son, which if anything made things worse. I detest parents even more now. Other Parents meant nothing to me while I was a bachelor or a married woman without kids. They were largely outside of my orbit. I could scarcely even detest my friends in their new roles as parents when they began to have children because they were no longer in my life. But now that I’m a father and know a lot more parents than I did before, I view them from a new angle. I abhor them. They are awful.

One problem, which is fairly understandable, is that they let their children to run their life. Even when your child is the worst thing that has ever happened to you, despite how awful parenting can sometimes be, there is never any doubt that he or she is the best thing that has ever happened to you. But my wife and I agreed even before she became pregnant that we wouldn’t be those parents who disappeared from our lives after having children. Even with a newborn in tow, we should try to continue living our current life in the same manner as before. Although difficult (thus this blog), it has been manageable. Of course, we only have one child, so I could be speaking hypothetically.

That’s something else. I am aware that I am speaking inappropriately. No one is aware of what they are doing, save for those individuals I like to refer to as “Other Parents.” These are the parents that appear to have the solution. as if they are the authorities. With all due respect to Dr. Spock, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Kevorkian, a parenting expert does not exist.

Therefore, this blog is not a manual, a guide, or a set of rules. A life raft, that is. It’s a place for me to vent about other things other just my dad life, my son, who is (slowly but surely becoming less and less so every day), and other parents who act like they are smarter than everyone else.

So the Dad And Buried Anti Parent Parenting blog began for two reasons:

  1. Even though you adore your son, parenting is difficult. It might even be worse than having a child you don’t care for. Then, at least, whatever occurs, occurs. Parenting is not necessary. However, when it comes to a child you adore, you are in charge of ensuring his safety, his education, and his transformation into someone other than a complete loser. And that is laborious, difficult job.
  2. The worst are other parents. Judgment never gets old to them. Only they are aware of the key to successful parenting; they judge your son, your wife, and you. Well, I judge them here (and in Soviet Russia!). WITH JUDGMENT. And a good deal of swearing. Because they don’t know shit. Neither do you. And neither do I.

According to Mike, what makes his blog different from other parenting blogs is because he doesn’t pretend.

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