Credit One Card Login Guide

This is everything you need to know about Credit One card login and Credit one Bank.

About Credit One

Credit One Bank is an American technology and data-driven financial company based in Las Vegas, Nevada that specializes in credit cards and provides financial services to borrowers with poor credit scores.

It started operations fully on July 30, 1984 in San Rafael, California as National Bank of Marin. Their parent organization which is Sherman Financial Group LLC based in Charleston, South Carolina are connected with Credit One Financial through shared beneficial ownership.

Benefits Of Credit One Credit Card and Credit One Go-To-Account Access

Credit One Credit Card comes with a lot of amazing benefits which include

  1. You can do a variety of things using the Credit One bank mobile app, like managing your account and paying invoices.
  2. You may simply make payments from your mobile app, view prior transactions, and change your account preferences.
  3. With Apple Pay, Samsung pay, and Google Pay, you can make secure purchases.
  4. Your account notifications can be personalized.
  5. You can monitor your Experian credit score and view a monthly summary of your credit report online.
  6. Observe any alterations to your credit score.
  7. Enjoy the freedom to select your payment date to personalize your experience.
  8. You will receive daily benefits by getting your accounts automatically reviewed for credit line opportunities.

How To Login Credit One Credit Card

If you’ve gotten your credit card and you don’t know how to login, we are going to put you through the steps in logging in to your account.

  1. Go to Credit One official website at
  2. You will see the sign in box on the right side of the page on your screen.
  3. Type your personal account details, username and password inclusive.
  4. When done, click on “secure sign in” to login into your online Credit One Credit card account.

How To Register For Credit One Credit Card

If you are new to Credit One credit card and you are looking for ways to register, to get your online credit card, then you need to follow these steps.

  1. Go to the official website of
  2. Choose set up online account, fill out your personal information
  3. Click on the blue “continue” button
  4. Follow the steps to set up your account.

How To Recover Forgotten Password And Username

Recover Password

For your forgotten password, there are simple steps to take to retrieve your password

  1. Check out the credit one card website
  2. Click on “forgot username or password”
  3. Give your social security number and credit card information to prove your identity.
  4. Click on “CONTINUE”
  5. To confirm your identity, choose the option to reset your password and then you will be asked to input your name and social security number once again.
  6. You will be given options to choose where you want your temporary password to be sent, via email or phone number
  7. Use your temporary password to have access to your account and then you can create a new password.

Forgotten Username

  1. Follow due process by going to the website
  2. Select “forgot username or password”
  3. Enter your social security number and your credit card details
  4. Click on continue when you are done

N/B: Your username is case-sensitive

What Is A Social Security Number?

In order to track income and decide benefits, the American government issues social security numbers, nine-digit numerical identifiers, to citizens and other residents.

How To Contact Credit One Credit Card

Their primary address is P.O.BOX 98873, Las Vegas, NV 89193-8873

California address is P.O.BOX 60500 city of industry, California 91716-0500

Phone numbers


1-877-825-3242(outside the U.S- toll free)

1-800-752-5493(APPLICATION FORM)


Here are some of the frequently asked questions

How Do I Choose A Credit Card?

You can make choices of your credit card based on your credits, features, rewards and fees. The best card is the one that suits your needs and goals but then it also depends on your minimum repayment, annual percentage rate, cashback and introductory interest rates.

How Long Does It To Take To Get A Credit Card?

Within 10 business days. That’s how long it takes to get a credit card from Credit One Bank

Is It Possible To Activate Your New Credit One Credit Card Online?

No. It is not possible. You can only activate your card within days of receiving your credit card by contacting the activation number shown on your card. 1-877-825-3242

Can You Access All Your Accounts Online If You Have More Than One Credit Card Account With Credit One Bank?

Yes of course, after logging into your account, on your dashboard you can see where to easily switch accounts.

What Do I Do If I Lose My Credit Card?

You are not responsible for the fees associated with fraud if your account is lost or stolen. EMV chip technology prevents counterfeiting. Paperless statements and papers secure your account information, and you can be sure that important communications won’t get lost in the mail.


You can check out the official website of Credit One bank if there are any further questions and you need answers to them. You will then require reliable internet security software, such as AVAST internet security, when signing in. We sincerely hope you find this information to be very useful.

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