Cheapest Stocks Supported By Robinhood 

Are you wondering what is the cheapest stocks supported by Robinhood? Grab your seatbelt and ride with us while we reveal some of the cheapest stocks supported by Robinhood right now.

In this current (digital) age, Robinhood, as observed, is beginning to take over the reins of charging the cause of investment. Robinhood is basically an investment initiative that cuts across many strata;

  • Helps in building portfolios with values of stocks as low as $1 or less.
  • Gives an option to invest in stocks, options, and ETFs(Exchange Traded Funds); which is completely commission-free.
  • Crypto trading; for as low as $1, you can purchase bitcoins like the BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, etc, for $1.
  • Robinhood CashCard; is a feature of Robinhood which makes the user earn weekly for every amount of value you spend. This alone inculcates a different habit of investment for the user.

There are other means and methods of investment on Robinhood which are not listed among the aforementioned, but they all have the potential to boost an investor’s portfolio.

Amongst the various products and services that can be invested in Robinhood, there’s a specific category of stocks called Cheap (Penny) Stocks.

Penny Stocks refers to small companies’ stock that trades for less than $5 per share.

It’s not a surprise that many investors now give Penny Stocks a chance to thrive in their portfolios. It’s understandable that such stocks could be purchased at a very low price, but the main thing that skims through the mind of every—most definitely the newbies investor is:

How does Cheap Stock bring a reasonable value to investment portfolios? The answer to this is quite simple, but we shall be discussing it in the last segment of this article.

Best Penny Stocks to Invest in Robinhood 

When considering taking up certain cheap stock(s), certain conditions must be observed, and when these are properly considered, though it’s a risk to take, cheap stocks can become a great addition of value to your portfolio.

Upon recent happenings, it’s been found out some certain companies are now trading at $1 and below in Robinhood. Below are a few examples of cheap stocks with values fluttering over $1 and below supported by Robinhood.

Cheapest Stocks Supported By Robinhood

  1. SESEN BIO INC.(NASDAQ: SESN): We kick off our list with Sesen Bio, which is amongst one of the current collections of Penny Stocks which is reading under $1 on Robinhood. Sesen Bio is a Biotech company with an initiative that can only be beneficial to the community at large, bring about healthy pipelines, being about a positive outcome for treating bladder cancer, and many more.

Though, the company has been on a huge surmisal recently, which is linked to an issue with the FDA. The outcome of this happening brought about a lowering in the stock price which dropped below $1 for the first time in two years. Despite this, SESN has accumulated a record of its highest daily volumes ever sold.

The company stands intent on the way forward with the PDA for their Biologics License Application, which was for a product the company created for treating bladder cancer (Vicineum).

  • FARMMI: Another cheap stock currently selling below $1 on Robinhood is Farmmi. Farmmi is a Chinese agricultural tech and e-commerce company, it’s initiatives varying from internet marketing to agricultural research, production of organic and agricultural products, healthy food outlets, and product processing. This stock currently sells at a price of $0.13.
  • NORTHERN DYNASTY MINERALS: Northern Dynasty Minerals is a mining company reported to have the capability of being the most indicative resource for gold and copper in the world. It’s currently reading around $0.40.
  • ADVAXIS: This is a Biotech company with an initiative of developing treatments for lung cancer. Though it specializes in immunotherapy, ADVAXIS currently is developing drugs that are still in their early phases of trial. It is one of the cheapest stocks on Robinhood with a stock price of $0.10.

Other examples of Penny Stocks trading below $1 on Robinhood include:

  • Acasti Pharma.
  • Gran Tierra Energy.
  • United States Antimony Corp.(NYSE: UAMY).
  • Biolase Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOL).
  • Waitr Holdings (NASDAQ: WTRH).

The above are some of the cheapest stocks supported by Robinhood, to learn more about stocks investment option available on Robinhood, you can visit the official website

Investing in Penny Stocks.

Investing in Penny Stocks is a volatile and risky action to take. However, when certain conditions are put into check, they can increase the chances of making cheap stocks a valuable addition to your investment portfolio.

Studying the stock company’s information, surfing through their website, and understanding their stock sales records for at least three years or more is one effective way of determining whether or not a cheap stock is worth adding to your portfolio. Observing the sales volume record of a cheap stock is another way to guarantee if adding a cheap stock to your portfolio will bring about value or not.


There are many penny stocks flooding the fields of Robinhood which we can’t analyze all under this article, but it’s always advisable to study the market and sales chart before considering adding a penny stock to your portfolio. If things turn good, it can become a staple source for adding value to the portfolios of investors; long-term investors, and traders alike.

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