Cheap Penny Stocks Under 50 cents

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Cheap Penny stocks under 50 cents, does that even sound true ? YES of course, despite their volatility in the stock market, investors still find these cheap penny stocks under 50 cents quite worthy to add to their investment portfolio. A general question to be asked is, even though it’s attractive to buy stocks that … Read more

Top Transportation as a Service Stocks

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What are the top Transportation as a Service Stocks? Transportation as a Service is one hell of a big industry, as it cut across airlines, cargo’s and even roads, is transportation stocks good for long term investment? let’s dive right in. First, what are Transportation as a Service Stocks? These are stock types associated with … Read more

Miso Robotics Stock IPO


Let’s take a look at Miso Robotics Stock IPO, and why a lot of investors are looking up to it. Miso Robotics is one of the revolutionary robotics companies, whose initiative is taking a direction that isn’t so recognized but is very much needed and essential. Founded in 2016 and based in Pasadena, California, this … Read more

What are Good Penny Stocks on Robinhood 

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what are good penny stocks on Robinhood, Knowing the good penny stocks on Robinhood will give you a lot of investment option. It will also broaden your view on stock investment. On this article, we will list 21 good penny stocks on Robinhood that you can actually invest on. Penny Stocks are recognized as those … Read more

When is Robinhood Stock Going Public

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When is Robinhood stock going public? Can i buy Robinhood stock and how do i go about it ? Before we dive into answering your question, it’s okay to know that Robinhood is a financial service company, that is based in Menlo park, California in America. They are known for pioneering commissions through trading stocks … Read more

When Can I Buy Polestar stock ?

When can I invest in polestar Stock

When can i buy or invest in Polestar stock, and is there anything special about Polestar Stock? Polestar stock? Heard of it before? Polestar stock is an automative car brand known for it’sattractive features and benefits. It was established in 1996 by Volvo’s Cars’ partners. Is polestar a luxury car? Of course yes. Polestar is … Read more

What is Going on with Noi Stock?

Nio stock

What is going on with Noi stock and is there a futuristic hope for investors here? Nio is a multinational Chinese automobile industry that produces electric vehicles. Nio designs and develop smart, high-performance, electric vehicle which is aimed to be the first. It was founded November 2014, in Shanghai China with a revenue of over … Read more

What is a Meme Stock?


what is a meme stock? A meme stock is a share of a company that have gone viral and worldwide, not because of thecompany’s struggle but rather because there have been too much buzzle about it online andvarious social media platforms. Why are they called meme stock? They are called meme stock not because the … Read more