What does Tendies mean?

stock market

What does tendies means? why are they called chicken tendies ? and where did this term came from ? With the recent buzzle going on from social media about investment, we got you Tendies, so what is it all about? What is Tendies? Tendies is a profit made financially from the stock market and through … Read more

Who is Tesla’s Biggest Competitor

tesla competition

Wondering who is tesla’s biggest competitor ? Let’s get there. Before we dive into tesla competitors, let’s talk about tesla as a company. What is Tesla ? Tesla is an automotive industry that is based in The United states. It’s a clean energycompany that designs and produces electric vehicles of very high quality. Its battery … Read more

Why is Reddit IPO On Hold Now

redit ipo

Wondering why Reddit IPO is on hold now ? Social media giant Reddit disclosed plans to IPO in 2022- has the current turn of events put the news on hold? Or will it still go ahead?  It seems like the IPO investing is not actually what the market needs right now, but what really is … Read more

Which Volkswagen Stock To Buy?

Which Volkswagen Stock To Buy

Are you wondering which Volkswagen Stock To Buy? this could be one hell of a tough decision, so we’ve put up the options available as well which one we recommend. With the old world automaker’s EV plans gaining momentum, let’s go over the many Volkswagen stock and which one you should buy. Volkswagen’s (OTCMKTS: VWAGY) … Read more