Biotech Stocks Under $5.

Technology can be fair enough to be considered one of the larger factors now completely changing the world today, and when you loom at the global market, you will find tech industries amongst other classes leading the market.

Today, we will be exploring another interesting tech industry and the potential it has currently. Lists of biotech stocks shall be discussed, and the future of the biotech stock will also be considered in this article. Without further ado, let’s kick off the first segment of this article. 

The Biotech Industry; An Overview.

The increasing relevance of the biotech industry is globally recognized, as not only drugs are now being developed by these industry types to being about a populace of healthy people, but several treatment methods and therapies are being utilized too.

Dating as far back as the period of the pandemic, it was believed that the sector had received a huge sum of money from the government during the period when the COVID-19 pandemic was on a heavy global rampage. This funding was majorly to support the biotech sector to help make research, develop and manufacture drugs—solutions rather—to help curb or reduce the intensity of the pandemic; as the testing of certain drugs and COVID vaccines were the course of the moment at that period.

This didn’t really turn out well for a majority of the sector, as cases of research and tests carried out ended up flopping badly.

This has raised mixed feelings for investors taking a glance at the industry; new and amateurs alike. While some believe the biotech industry shall rise back to a reasonable height of growth, others feel a bit withdrawn; judging by the accumulated downsides the sector had accumulated since the previous year.

This article is mainly focusing on two key things: biotech stocks and penny stocks. Penny stocks completely flood the global market; no second guesses about that, and this is exactly what makes it more difficult to make the right choice.

For the biotech industry which had flopped the previous year, proper and cursory insights must be given to the stocks to make a choice. But the record of the sector’s downslide shouldn’t be the judging criteria as to whether or not the industry is worth investing in.

The next part of this article shall be giving brief insights into biotech penny stocks worth considering. 

Suitable Biotech Penny Stocks.

Penny stocks are definitely all over the market, but the worthy ones are hard to come by. However, these stocks to be discussed may or may not be exactly fully inclined towards the biotech industry as their initiative cuts across other strata, but an ounce of has been loved on these stocks to be worthy enough to possess the potential to bring about a slow but steady and consistent addition of value to an investor’s portfolio.

Here is the list of biotech penny stocks specifically handpicked for this article:

  • Brickell Biotech, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBI)
  • Sesen Bio Inc. (NASDAQ: SESN)
  • Vaxart, Inc. (NASDAQ: VXRT)

Brickell Biotech, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBI).

First to be considered on this list is Brickell Biotech, a biotech company whose area of focus seems to pry into problems related to autoimmune, dermatological, and inflammatory medical conditions.

The company is at its clinical stage, i.e, its studies, research, and products are still under development. Though the current stance of the company proposes a two-way direction should the company successfully launch the manufacturing of successful products sourced from its years of continuous development and research. It currently trades at a price of $0.80 per share.

Sesen Bio Inc. (NASDAQ: SESN).

The next to be considered is Sesen Bio, a company whose initiative centers around providing and developing drugs for bladder cancer.

The potential of the company’s recently manufactured Vicineum—a drug that just recently completed its clinical phase and is being approved by the FDA at the moment—is reflected in the company’s statistics, and there is no doubt its stock price will continue to soar over time. That explains the reason why now is the best time for investors to invest in this stock.

Vaxart, Inc. (NASDAQ: VXRT).

Ending the list is the VXRT stock. Vaxart is a US-based biotech company that was founded in 2004. Their goal focuses on the development and production of oral vaccines.

The advantageous feature the oral vaccines gives is the eradication of having to make use of syringe needles to take on the vaccine; thus offering a preferential solution to vaccine taking. It currently trades at a price of $3.52 per share.

The Bottom Line.

Investing in this stock type might appear quite risky, and it’s hard for every investor to ignore what has befallen the sector last year.

But the key perspective to selecting the right penny stock to add to your portfolio is by nailing out of your accumulated research that which has a reasonable amount of potential to continuously thrive.

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