Best Place to Retire in Hawaii

What is the Best Place to Retire in Hawaii? This ‘Hawaii-themed’ article isn’t just going to brush through the geographical location and description of this state, but we would also be talking about why Hawaii is a suitable location to retire and lists of places in Hawaii optionally suitable for retirement purposes.

First, let’s have a brief summary of the state harboured by the Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii; An Overview.

Sourced from, Hawaii is a state in the United States which is harboured by the Pacific Ocean and torn apart from the main lands of the United States by a distance of about 2,000 miles. It’s also considered the only state outside the borders of North America, the only state situated in the tropics, and also an archipelago, i.e, groups of islands interspersed with a large water body—which in this case, is the Pacific. 

Hawaii currently has a record for having a total population count of about $1.42 million, and this data was estimated as far back as 2020. Asians and residents of two or more races are less than the population of residents in Hawaii. Situated in the tropics, Hawaii’s annual cycle of climatic conditions could be considered tropic, as it experiences the cool season—which is referred to as ho’oilo in the Hawaiian language—within periods of December and March. They experience the times of the hot season—which is referred to as kau in the Hawaiian language—within the period between June and October.

According to, Hawaii experiences an all year-round warm weather, and this is accounted for by the proximity of Hawaii to the equator. It experiences daytime high temperatures ranging from 78F during the colder seasons to 88F in the hotter seasons.

Why Hawaii?.

I believe this is the next question that shall be raised since what we are going to be discussing here today are certain places in Hawaii to consider for retirement purposes.

Though there are lots of discouraging features ascertained to the cost of living in Hawaii, it’s safe to say that it is a befitting place for retirees/ future retirees with the advantage of financial freedom. But that’s not the entirety; there are a few exceptions.

There are certain locations in Hawaii where you can retire and inhabit with a budgeted income—oh yeah, there are a limited few. Hawaii is always that dream place retirees tend to have in mind, so that is why we are selecting specific locations in this state you should or can consider upon retirement.

Best places to retire in Hawaii

Below are the lists of places in Hawaii that we shall be giving brief details about. So should you be interested in having a base with woven roofs over your head somewhere on the crust of the Hawaiian grounds …

  • Hilo
  • Lihue, Kauai 
  • Paia, Maui


We kick off the shortlist with the quaint town, Hilo, a.k.a, The Big Island. With a population of over 45,000, this is the best place to retire in Hawaii. Setting aside the cost advantages which makes it less expensive in comparison to the class of popular cities in Hawaii, it also harbours a handful of locations that house various animal and nature reserves. Typical examples include the Rainbow Falls, the Liliuokalani Park, the Wailuku River, and the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden amongst many others. These features and natural locations in Hilo make it quite an interesting and relaxing place to consider for retirement.

Lihue, Kauai.

One of the best place to retire in Hawaii is Lihue, the domain location of the Kauai town. Asides from the attractive old-fashioned feel some certain locations in this geographical area give off, it has also got a few numbers of retirement communities present. Lihue is well known for its entertainment and recreational activities, and they’ve got locations suitable for good sightings. An example of this is the Kalapaki cliffs. For a theme of privacy and vibrancy, Lihue has got it all.

Paia, Maui.

The last which we shall be considering in this shortlist is the town that houses what should be considered the market of premier natural foods. It is a small town relative to its size, but it has got the charm of having the feel, the vibrancy, and of course, food.

Everything about this place translates into art, and this trend travels down to the services the residents get to enjoy at the restaurants. The beaches in this town shouldn’t be excluded from one of the most attractive sights to behold in this little town either.

There are other interesting places to be considered for retirement initiatives: Honalo, Wailuku, Kahului, Lahaina, and many more.

But when the cost of living is continuously being considered as the limiting factor to taking on the decision to retire at your dream place, that is where questions should be asked.

How far have you worked towards this? How well are you running your businesses and investments to ensure your bank enough should you consider retiring in a ‘junior paradise’?

For every effort placed towards hard work, there is a returning reward of bounties and leisure time. Take it on hard now and run the right investments, so you can get to have the opportunity to enjoy a worthwhile time in your dream town.

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