Best Paying Jobs in Diversified Commercial Services

Today’s world offers a variety of best paying jobs in diversified commercial services and there is a great need for these commercial services.

A commercial service provider with a wide range of services offers them to businesses across numerous industries. There are many options and possibilities in commercial services. You can look out for any of these if you’re seeking for the best paying jobs in diversified commercial service.

What is a Diversified Commercial Service?

A diversified commercial service involves providing or rendering a wide range of goods and services from several industries, including those in the fields of health, finance, business, and legal, to the clientele that these services are being provided to. There are wide ranges of commercial services, below are nine best paying jobs in diversified commercial services.

1. Pharmacist -$128,000

The need for Pharmacists is high. Pharmacists carry out a variety of activities, including giving patients prescriptions for medications, instructing them on how to use them, and checking up with patients to make sure they are taking their medications as prescribed.

2. Business Development Managers -$50,000

Business development managers are essential to an organization’s success. These experts create new sales leads, develop and manage new marketing initiatives, improve brand awareness and financial growth, connect with potential customers to build trust and set up meetings with them.

In addition, they anticipate sales revenue and negotiate client pricing, assisting organizations in maximizing their earnings.

3. Physician -$142,000

A physician is a medical professional who is in charge of making diagnoses, writing prescriptions, and preserving or regaining health by treating illnesses, accidents, and other physical and mental impairments.

They provide treatment for patients in a variety of methods, offering advice on dietary modifications and preventative medication as well as being ready to respond to inquiries from patients.

4. Financial Advisor -$45,000

A financial expert who assists in the management of your investments is a financial advisor. Calculates your savings for you and offers consultation and financial guidance to individuals or entities.

By assessing their clients’ financial status and capacity and providing advice, financial advisors help people with their investing strategy.

On investments, taxes, estate planning, college savings accounts, insurance, mortgages, and retirements, they offer their clients advice.

5. Optometrists/Ophthalmologists -$110,000

These are medical practitioners that are specialized in the treatment of diseases, disorders, injuries and conditions that affect the eyes and sometimes operate surgically when needed.

They provide routine care such as vision testing, prescribing treatment and glasses and contact lenses where necessary. Lots of Ophthalmologists gets involved in scientific research to be able to find out the cures and causes of the eye diseases and disorders, in-order to perform better.

6. Network Operations Specialist -$110,000

This here is also among the best paying jobs in diversified commercial service. They are responsible for many different things. In addition to normal network maintenance tasks including software and hardware component upgrades, they also plan, implement, and administer network services and systems.

They also keep an eye on network performance or activity to make sure everything is running smoothly. Working with developers to design new applications that make use of new technology, they examine server logs to find potential network risks. They record network modifications and issue resolution and and in charge of making the network of the globe run smoothly.

7. Nurse Practitioner – $120,000

Advanced practice registered nurses known as nurse practitioners offer patients, special, primary, and urgent care. They are all about healthcare.

Their abilities to give treatment, monitor patients’ medical histories, gather samples and data, and carry out minor medical operations make their duties crucial.

They are extremely exceptional in their capacity to work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, emergency departments, government offices, surgical clinics, residential care facilities, and even patient homes.

8. Podiatrist Surgeon -$105,000

A foot specialist with a focus on the surgical treatment of the bones, joints, soft tissues, and supporting structures of the foot is known as a podiatrist surgeon.

They aid in the treatment of fractures, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, and other polio-related conditions. They examine a patient’s footprints to get a diagnosis.

9. Executive Assistant -$58,000

An executive assistant assists the executive for whom they work with a variety of tasks, including scheduling meetings, reviewing of letters and emails, setting priorities, and responding to emails, taking and returning phone calls, taking notes at meetings, organizing documents, maintaining records, making travel arrangements, and preparing reports.

Along with managing and training other office workers, they also take on projects that could have an impact on the business. They all work together to give the CEO thorough support, making it one of the best paying jobs in diversified commercial service.


The opportunities in the different sectors are overwhelming. From financial advisor to business development management, you can make your choice according to your area and preference.

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