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We are going to tell you everything you need to know about the popular influencer Andrea Chong and her blog called the Andrea Chong Fashion Travel Lifestyle Blog

Who Is Andrea Chong And How Did She Start Her Blog?

Andrea Chong, popularly known as Drea Chong, is a professional blogger and lifestyle influencer from Singapore who was born on March 25, 1992. She has 307,000 Instagram followers and 5,400 YouTube subscribers.  Andrea got chosen to represent Pandora and H&M as a brand ambassador due to her popularity on social media. Andrea got the “Fashion Icon of the Year” award at the 2015 Singapore Social Media Awards, which also honored Night Owl Cinematics and Munah Hirzi Official as Singaporean content producers.

She has been featured on Buzzfeed and Pop Sugar. Andrea, has motivated a lot of her admirers to launch their own fashion blogs.

Andrea said she appreciates a number of facets in her line of work. Traveling, taking pictures, and writing about her experiences are a few of them. But the most significant thing she gets to do is share her photos and stories with her followers. She has been asked a lot a questions about how she started blogging and working in a fashion industry. Her replies are always very simple “always wanted to travel and do something creative”. She started blogging three years ago after receiving her degree from college, and a year later, she was hired for her first job in the fashion industry. Andrea has traveled to several nations around the world, and according to her, it’s been amazing.

A Look Into Andrea Chong Fashion Travel Lifestyle Blog

While finishing her degree at NTU, Andrea launched her blog in 2013. She revealed to Senatus in a 2014 interview that the click network show’s creators had urged her to expand her audience by using a site other than YouTube. According to Google searches, Hippo network placed the website as the top “Fashion Blogger Singapore” in 2015. Airlines like Air Asia and Qatar Airways, as well as lifestyle and fashion companies like Kate Spade and Adidas, Italian shoe manufacturer Superga are just a few of the many clients Andrea Chong has worked with.

Andrea Chong started running her website where she has a small group of full-time employees and interns work for her on The DC Edit. The website features a portion devoted to Andrea’s own reflections and life updates in addition to client advertorials. Blogger Andrea Chong focuses on fashion and leisure. Her blog showcases her interests, travels, attractiveness, and way of life. She enjoys traveling as well as fashion and cosmetics. Additionally, the blog offers readers a glimpse into her life and how she balances a demanding schedule as a working mom with a thriving social life.

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Product partnerships

The festive collection of Andrea Chong brand items, #DCHoliday, designed and released in 2018 by Andrea Chong and her crew. Andrea Chong (Singapore Influencer)”. The DC Planner and DC chocolate bar developed by Andrea and Shilin Chen, and the collection debuted in November 2018. Andrea Chong (Singapore Influencer). The collaborations being done by Andrea are outlined below.

  • Andrea and Superga started working together in June 2018. Within 48 hours, the collection sold out island-wide.
  • In 2019, Andrea collaborated with Superga to launch three different styles of slip-on shoes with jute soles. Filipino artist Soleil Ignacio designed the boxes for this collection.
  • To create bespoke chocolate bars with packaging created by artist Soleil Ignacio, Andrea collaborated with Fossa Chocolate.
  • To advertise the brand-new 100PLUS Zero beverage, Andrea created a limited run of reusable tumblers.
  • Superga Singapore debuted its third collection of Drea Chong sneakers in June 2020. Pastel-colored slingback and ballerina espadrille sneakers featured in the collection.
  • In association with The Closet Lover, Andrea released two capsule collections.

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