7 Forex Funded Trader Programs that use Tradingview

Let discuss the 7 forex funded trader programs that use tradingview, but first of all, what is Tradingview and how does it work.

What is Tradingview

Tradingview is an online trading platform that enables traders from around the globe to conduct technical analysis on financial instruments, share their trading strategies, and offer market commentary.

The charts are simple to use and intuitive for beginners, but they are also capable of supporting more experienced technical traders.

How Tradingview Works

Users receive real-time market data in a web-based format, so no installations or settings are necessary. You only need to launch TradingView in your browser to get started.

As of right now, more than 3 million ideas have been published on TradingView, which is used regularly by more than 5 million traders and investors.

TradingView functions like a social trading platform where users may follow other traders and receive notifications when they publish a new idea. Our top 7 forex funded trader programs that use tradingview has been discussed below.

Forex Funded Trader Programs that use Tradingview

1. DACapitalTrading

At the time of writing, DACapitalTrading has more than 10,000 followers on TradingView, making it a very popular profile (August 2019.) The trader, who is based in Germany, has so far received almost 22,000 likes on 344 suggestions that have been submitted.

Although DACapitalTrading mostly focuses on Forex, you may occasionally find cryptocurrency ideas there. There is frequently coverage of the major pairs that involve the US dollar.

The charts are fairly thorough, and suggestions frequently include prices for the entry along with levels for the stop-loss and take-profit orders.

2. BullandBearTrading

BullandBearTrading, another trader with a headquarters in Germany, joined TradingView three years ago and currently has more than 2,000 followers. On this profile, you’ll mostly discover Forex ideas coupled with a smaller number of cryptocurrency trades, just like DACapitalTrading.

On medium-term charts, BullandBearTrading publishes technical setups. We appreciate his assessments’ Top-Down methodology, in which he exclusively makes trades.

3. Bishko, Yuriy

This is one of the best Forex Funded trader Program that use Tradingview, Since joining TradingView two years ago, Yuriy Bishko has amassed more than 15,000 followers and more than 760 published ideas.

The trader, who is headquartered in Ukraine, primarily produces articles on forex and cryptocurrencies. His clear charts cover a wide range of timeframes, from intraday to daily.

Yuriy is mostly interested in technical analysis, but the trader is also knowledgeable about the fundamentals of currencies.

4. Transparent-FX

With over 3,300 followers, Transparent-FX is a relatively new TradingView profile.

On the Forex market, Transparent-FX promotes trade ideas. Contrary to the majority of the other profiles on this list, this trader uses videos to express his market opinions in a straightforward and understandable manner.

Focused on longer-term charts, from the 4-hour to the daily and weekly ones, is Transparent-FX. Both novice and experienced traders might benefit from following him because of his simple and succinct views.

5. DatTong

A seasoned member of the TradingView community, DatTong has more than 1,500 suggestions that have been published and approximately 33,000 followers. He is based in Vietnam and focuses primarily on cryptocurrency and forex. There are also some stock picks on occasion.

He trades using technical analysis on short-term charts, primarily 1-hour charts. If you’re a day trader, DatTong’s profile has some insightful suggestions and remarks. He writes follow-ups for each of his ideas in addition to his clear and succinct writings.

6. VaidoVeek

In the TradingView community, VaidoVeek is a well-known trader with a base in Estonia. With almost 10,000 followers and 403 thoughts published, he joined three years ago. The majority of the thoughts in VaidoVeek’s feed are related to cryptocurrencies, with fewer being focused on the forex market.

We adore the intricate charts that primarily use trendlines, channels, Fibonacci levels, and technical support and resistance levels. There is a comprehensive note that describes each notion that is listed below it.

7. Botje11

Botje11, a different well-known trader on TradingView, with close to 30,000 followers and more than 8.6 million idea views. He publishes articles on indices, forex, and cryptocurrencies and is very active in adding follow-up comments to his thoughts, this makes him one of our best forex funded trader programs that use tradingview.

We appreciate how Botje11 frequently adds multi-timeframe analyses to his posts. The charts and theories are clearly described, and Botje’s projection is explained in great depth.

When the trend lines up on the monthly, weekly, and intraday charts, which boosts the success rate of the setups, you might want to consider following Botje11’s profile on Tradingview.

Final Thought

“Look before you leap”, this is the Tradingview philosophy itself. The greatest approach to maximize the returns from life is to prepare first and then commit, regardless of who you are or what you trade, it is always better to study the trends and charts, have a mentor you look up to, and do your due diligence and research before you make a move.

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