10 Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

What are the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment? Telecommunication is one of the most lucrative work in the world today, That made telecommunication equipment one of the most under monetized sector in the world.

Telecommunications equipment is used every day in homes offices and even industries to keep information flowing. Telecommunications equipment is a fast growing industry and the demand for skilled labor is growing every day. Telecommunications equipment is the backbone of a business. It provides vital communications needed for a business to run successfully.

10 Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

The demand for skilled telecommunications equipment it’s expected to grow rapidly than other occupation by 2026, according to the data from Bureau of Labor statistics. The following are the top 10 best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment. 

1. Broadband Engineer

This is the highest & best paying jobs in the telecommunications equipment, where professionals assess and plan the installation of broadband networks. 

They are expected to have adequate knowledge of various components involved in telecommunications network such as satellite, fibre, cables, Dsl network etc. They are expected to be pro at locating high speed internet services for clients. The salary of an experienced broadband engineer is $90,000 annually.

2. Antenna Engineer:

This is a telecommunication sector that deals with designing and building radio communication systems. Antenna Engineers use their knowledge of signals and electromagnetic fields to design and create antenna.

They design and build radio communication which requires lots of coordination with other engineer. The average salary of an antenna engineer is $87,000.

3. Satellite TV Installer :

The world of a satellite TV installer is installing, manufacturing and repairing satellite TV equipment. This skill requires lot of dedication and training. It also requires high qualification and training in electronics, communication and other related field. They are paid $70,000 annually.

4. Site Reliability Engineer:

This set of workers work on the network to ensure that it is up and running. They research, design and implement new technologies for increasing the availability of the network.

They operate system that meet the needs of user and applications. They also monitor system to detect potential problem before it occurs.

5. Data Architect:

Due to high demand for data, there is also a need for a data Architect. They ensure that the company’s data is available and accessed in timely manner. A data Architect isn’t limited to just IT department but all departments, this makes it one of the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.

6. Information Scientist:

The work of an information scientist is to make raw data useful to people. They are responsible for making show that the data collected is reliable relevant and accurate.

They work in variety of industries including tele communication equipment, health care, government agencies and more. the work of an information scientist differs depending on their industry.

In telecommunications scientist work in various area of expertise, design, developing and implementing of services. 

7. Wireless Technicians:

This work requires a wireless technician to work with varieties of equipment and sales. They will troubleshoot and repair different equipment and gets to know how the equipment works. they responsible for maintaining, repairing, installing, adjusting, cellular telephone system. 

8. Cyber security/ ethical hacks:

Hackers work for computer security firms as ethical hacker. They are in demand for government enterprise like banking healthcare and transport service.

Cyber security hacker is expected to be an expert at breaking into government and private system though this act is not for stealing purpose or for destroying data but for importance analysis the update is $85000.

9. Telecommunication Manager:

They deal with managing and supervising activities of telecommunication employees. They ensure  employee have the right skills and training to operate in the telecommunications field. They are paid more than $115,000 annually.

10. Telecommunications Specialist:

They perform support activities such as  network monitoring, troubleshooting and data analysis and earns $76,000 annually.

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